Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS)

What is the management of Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is often managed by taking eye drops that lower the eye pressure and dramatically slow or halt the disease. In some situations, it is not possible to lower the pressure enough with drops, and surgical intervention is necessary. In years past, if surgery was necessary, the potential complications of surgery were significant. While peripheral field loss was halted by the pressure lowering benefit of the surgery, often times the eye became uncomfortable and or the quality of the vision could worsen.

What is Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery MIGS?

In July of 2012, Glaukos corporation received approval from the FDA to begin implanting the iStent in patients with mild to moderate Glaucoma. The pressure lowering effects have been so good that the implantation of the iStent during cataract surgery has become the standard of care. With this success, the FDA has approved multiple devices including the Hydrus stent, and Xen Gel stent.

Are the surgeons at Sierra View Medical Eye performing MIGS surgery?

All our board certified ophthalmic surgeons perform MIGS surgery with the iStent and the recently approved iStent inject. The Hydrus stent is available, but the Xen gel stent is placed by our Glaucoma colleagues in Roseville.

How much will the iStent lower my eye pressure, and can I stop my drops?

In multiple pier reviewed trials, 84% of patients were medication free at 24 months. The pressure of the eye dropped from 22 mm Hg before surgery to an average of 14 after surgery. The average number of drops taken after placement of the iStent was reduced from 1.5 pre op to 0.4 post op – a reduction of almost 75%.

Are the surgical results at SVME as good as the pier reviewed data?

Yes, the data at SVME is comparable to the results listed above, and we place the iStent in most of our cataract surgery patients with mild to moderate glaucoma. Our data is listed in a study we performed called Analysis of Postoperative Intraocular Pressure and Medication use after Implantation of the Glaukos iStent.